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Rugby Cement 25kg

Benefits For general use in any building application, including concrete, mortar, render, screed or grout Ideal for use in smaller

Rugby Fastset Cement 25kg

Benefits Sets hard within 1 hour – for use in applications where time is of the essence Ideal for concrete

Rugby High Strength Cement 25kg

Benefits Suitable for applications where high strength is required Conforms to class 52.5N ensuring high strength Helps counteract the effects

Rugby Hydrated Lime 25kg

Benefits Improved workability and water retention in mortar Ideal for use in traditional cement/lime/sand mortars Provdes better bond and reduces

Rugby Premium Cement in Plastic Bag 25kg

Benefits 100% waterproof bags – keeps cement dry when stored outside Light colour, ideal for use in all applciations where

Rugby Sulphate Cement 25kg

Benefits Ideal for use in concrete and mortar applications where sulfates are present Suitable for mortar and concrete below damp

Rugby White Cement 25kg

Benefits For architectural and decorative applications Ideal for very light coloured concrete and mortar Enhances colour when used with pigments